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As you rest, Let us focus on the Rest.

Concierge Services for Moms

Pregnancy is such a critical time in a woman’s life. An expectant mom should take extra care of herself to keep her baby safe and healthy. We understand that pregnant mothers, especially those who are on bed rest, cannot fulfill household expectations, chores and other errands as effectively and efficiently as pre-pregnancy.  

Bedside 2 Baby is here to keep your household moving and provide self care for mom as well. We provide comprehensive concierge services that include nanny services, housekeeping, grocery shopping, pet care, meal prep, local errands, and yoga. This allows you to focus on your recovery and well being of your child.

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Our Humble Beginnings

Bedside 2 Baby started in 2016. Our owner, personally experienced the challenges that a mother faces while on bed rest and trying to care for herself and her family.  Rest assure that your family is in good hands because we can relate and understand your needs.

Mission Statement

To provide a high quality of care, to help moms enhance, organize and simplify life, so they can pour their time, energy and passion into what matters most deeply; their family.